Adam & Erica Nessen

Adam & Erica Nessen

Coalwood Builders is a boutique builder of luxury homes. We choose to focus on a handful of projects at any given time. This affords us the opportunity to be actively and personally involved in every project we do. We walk with our clients through every step of the custom home building process. This ensures every detail is carefully planned and constructed in a clean, efficient, beautiful, and cost-effective manner.  We know the importance of direct, clear, and transparent communication. We believe in being available to you and keeping you informed of the progress of your project. Coalwood Builders: Building Perfection.

Building a custom home is likely your largest financial investment, and a very personal experience. When evaluating different builders, consider whether that builder will give you and your custom home the attention it deserves, build a quality home, and make the experience enjoyable.


Coalwood Builders is named after the town of Coalwood, WV. Coalwood is an unincorporated community coal town in McDowell County, West Virginia, United States. The coal mine in Coalwood reached its peak in the 1960s and finally shut down production on October 1, 1982. My father in law worked in the mine, and my wife and her family, grew up there. At Coalwood Builders, we hope to honor these hard working individuals, and the town of Coalwood.  The logo for Coalwood Builders was influenced by the symbol for the Olga coal mine.   The colors represent “the old gold and blue,” of West Virginia University.  Let’s go, Mountaineers!