From Custom Entry Doors to Sliding Barn Doors Coalwood Builders lead the way. Sophistication married to solid construction we create entryways inside and outside homes that are breathtaking and welcoming.


At Coalwood Builders we attend to every last detail. From concept to closing we are there for our clients.



An entryway is the first point of vision. It should capture and inspire your visitors.

Custom Home Exterior Design

Style & Color

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Barn Door Design


We build our homes with a purposeful flow.  The goal is to move people from room to room with easy navigation using archways and focal points.  Frameless archways and eclectic barn doors invite visitors to enter the next room.  When these ideas are applied with great planning and thought,  the house has a Zen-like feel to it that never gets boring.   Our trim carpenter also does incredible cased openings.  We offer a variety of trim options.

Our vendors carry only the very best products.  There is a real difference in drywall, paint, stains and hardware,  so we select vendors that offer the best of the best!  Further, our construction materials, doors and paint products are purchased from local vendors when available.  We feel it is important to support our local economy whenever possible.

Noise considerations are also a big part of our thought process.  Quiet rollers on barn doors, sound dampening packages, quality hinges,  and open archways  make for a quieter home experience.

Custom Decor by Coalwood Builders

Statement-Making Transitions

  • Large archways to open spaces
  • Interesting transitions to stairways
  • Space saving barn doors
  • Trendy pocket doors
  • Stunning garage doors
  • Cool transitions to outdoor living spaces
  • Open space or pocket glass door concepts
  • Privacy gates and garden doors