Often overlooked but probably the most important aspect of your home is the lighting. We offer stunning lighting solutions from the very best in the industry.


From morning sun to evening glow, we walk through all the lighting possibilities for your home.

Custom Tray Ceiling Design

Strength & Radiance

Custom Artisan Glass | LED Technology | Interesting Textures | Energy Efficient

Custom Ceiling Light Design

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is perhaps the most technology-driven choice you will make due to the rapid changes in the lighting industry.  Our design experts are ready to help you sort through the choices.

Outdoor Lighting:  Which way does your house face?  It’s important when selecting the right outdoor lighting.  We offer excellent choices for solar lighting, which provides a nice warm glow and illuminates walking paths but doesn’t cost a fortune to run.

Indoor Lighting:  Every room needs a different kind of lighting solution.  We partner with lighting shops that cover every possible room decor.

Custom Lighting Design

Lighting Options

  • Chandeliers that lower for cleaning
  • Solar lighting for outdoor areas
  • LED lighting for kitchen areas
  • Outdoor living space lighting that works with nature
  • Wall sconces that illuminate hallways
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Gas lighting for porches and posts
  • Home automation lighting packages